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    Get hourly metric stats from the database


      So I'm trying to co-relate some application performance metrics with resource utilization from DPA, for the last 3 months. I can see that this data for the database under the Resources tab but it isn't as granular as I'd like it to be, i.e. I want the data shown as broken up by hour per day. Also, it appears that there isn't a way to export this data into a format like CSV.


      I was playing around with the underlying sql server database, and I can see that for the given metric_id (example CPU Utilization, found by querying con_metrics_name_DBID), the data exists in con_metrics_hour_DBID (contains 3 months of data), con_metrics_detail_DBID (contains 1 month of data), con_metrics_day_DBID (contains more than an years data). Since, I'm not able to get this data from the UI tool, is there a query I can use on these tables to gather this data so that I can generate my report? If not for 3 months, then maybe for the last 1 month?


      Note: One issue I am facing is that when I just look at con_metrics_hour_DBID table by running a simple select statement, the data doesn't seem to match what I'm seeing in the UI under the Resources Tab -> CPU (time frame last week).

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          This is looking a bit like a support case for your questions for a couple reasons:

          • When getting into querying the repo directly, we may have to share data model details
          • If the data is different between hourly summary and what's seen in the UI, it could be due to averaging the detail data into hourly, but we'll want to make sure that's the reason and not something else.