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    NET flow and IP SLA


      Hi every one


      I want to ask you guys about NTA and IP SLA configuration.



      The question is that we have to implement NTA with NPM and other Solarwinds products in a network. The  network is for eight cities. The connectivity between cities is through ISP. Every city has 1 router and no of switches for example 40 Switches 1 router for each city. Every switch is connected with 1 IP phone and 1 PC. In some sites 2 or 3 PCs . The bottom line is, less than  5 devices on each switch.

      We have to configure devices for NTA and VNQM.


      So tell me that how many devices should have to configure for Net flow only routers or switches also ?


      For VNQM where we need to configure IP SLA and also tell for VNQM do we need other configurations other than IP SLA, like on IP phones etc.

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          Richard Phillips

          I would start with Netflow on the routers and I believe that will give you the information that you need. You can always add the switches later since the data in question will generally be that leaving the network the router will see it all. I'm guessing the IP SLA should be configured on the router as well, unless you are having inter-switch traffic with congestion not likely unless you are using something very, very old in which case you know what to do.