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    NPM and Service Now Integartion


      Please suggest if we can integrate the NPM Custom properties with the CI table of Service Now. so that it can automatically import/update/add  and match the field added in the solarwinds NPM custom properties.


      this kind of functionality development  team is working on it and it will be in future releases.

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          Hey anshumaandevmishra,


          If each node in SolarWinds has a unique CI number in ServiceNow, then you should be able to mirror them into a CP within Orion. I don't think this currently happens automatically,however, so you will to perform some manual intervention to firstly create the new CP, and then to assign the values. You may be able to export the CI values in ServiceNow, and then use an update query to add the values, but you'd need to have key data common in both databases for this to be possible. Hostname, perhaps?


          As to if this is being worked on for future Orion releases, I cannot comment. Maybe DanielleH could poke the relevant product manager and ask them to comment

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