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    Orion SWQL Orion.PollNow feature?


      Quick question for you and probably an easyish question but what does this do? (pollnodes) and can i use it through powershell to poll x nodes at anytime?

      also what do the blue icons mean?


      Cheers, Thwacksters

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          That blue icon means it is an Indication.   This indications gets fired whenever someone requests an object to be polled from the website.


          The "Orion.Nodes" entity has a PollNow verb that you can call to request the node to be polled.  The verb takes an object identifier in the form of "N:<nodeId>"   Where <nodeId> is the Id of the Node you would like to force a poll on.

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              I LIKE EGGS

              agh i see, thank you, this leads me to my next question how do i see the available verbs? i thought the only available verbs were in purple lol

              this is going to answer another question i have lol. i created a PS script to create custom properties using the Orion.NodesCustomProperties CreateCustomProperty which was cool.


              i then created some more custom properties with values using the $swis Orion.NodesCustomProperties CreateCustomPropertyWithValue


              but i cant work out how that worked and where is the verb stored CreateCustomPropertyWithValue where can i find these or am looking in the wrong sub directories?



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                  You can get a list of the verbs available by running the following SWQL query in SWQLStudio


                  SELECT EntityName, Name AS VerbName
                  FROM Metadata.Verb
                  ORDER BY EntityName, VerbName


                  In SWQL Studio verbs have the "pink cube" icon next to the names.


                  Your call $swis Orion.NodesCustomProperties CreateCustomPropertyWithValue can be interpreted as call the verb "CreateCustomPropertyWithValue" on the entity "Orion.NodesCustomProperties"


                  Verbs are defined on entities.  You can think of entities as Tables and verbs are actions you can take on those tables.


                  SWQLStudio shows you the list of entities available on the tree on the left hand side.   The entities are grouped based on their namespace.