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    Alerts regarding failed updates


      Hello everyone,


      I was looking at the live demo to see the capabilities of module.

      I found out that there is no possible way to get alerts regarding failed updates on endpoints (servers/clients),but you i saw that it showing thoes details in the summary page.



      I was wondring, there is any option to get alerts regarding 'Computers with update errors' ?either from alerts or any other way it could notify me once some stations failing to update.

      I was trying to find any option to create an alert on the alert manger but i couldn't find any.

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          First off the orion info is just pretty to look at.  I even went so far as to uninstall the orion stuff on my server because it was so useless.


          When you go to the MMC there are reports that you can create.  You can create a report to check daily, or whenever you like, for failed updates and then there is an option to have that report mailed to you.  All reports have the possibility to be emailed. 


          As far as a real time alert email if an update fails?  I dont think thats gonna happen with patch manager, but i could be wrong and just not know how to make it happen.

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