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    So Orion is not a solarwinds product ?

    gildas declercq

      Hi all,


      I use Vman and SRM (aka STM...) ,

      and both integrated on Orion platform.


      I sometimes have issues or questions regarding Orion. just Orion.

      But it is not listed as a product which is kind of strange.

      So when asking a question or create a support, I use "Vman" most of the time even if it is not accurate.


      What do you, customers, think about that?

      How do you, at Solarwinds, explain that ?


      thanks and regards.


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          Http://www.solarwinds.com/orion gives a good overview of what the Orion platform means and it's capabilities. It is indeed not a product. It is the platform on which most of the products are built. SRM Profiler has very lightweight integration with Orion, whereas SRM Orion is fully built on the Orion platform. If you are licensed for SRM/STM and under maintenance, you are entitled for both SRM profiler and SRM Orion. vman integration with Orion works a little different, and is pretty seamless in the sense your vman virtual appliance collects all the data but is also access  in Orion UI for dashboards, reports, alerts, etc.

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              gildas declercq

              Hi holyguacamole,

              and thanks for the quick reply.


              There is definitly some points I don't understand and in some way disagree.

              It did take some times for me to get the idea of what was SRM with profiler module aka STM aka (almost) SRM profiler...kinda not so easy to follow, I have other people a bit lost. And I still have to think twice when there is an upgrade to know what I should download (I had to wrote it down in my doc to be correct).  And by the way, you said "SRM Orion" and then "STM Orion" , I guess I am not the only one to be confused some times ;-)

              No contest when you compare to vman: VM appliance, get *.iso, mount on vm, click upgrade on console, done...


              Unfortunatly I cannot get rid of STM and just use SRM orion. for some simple things, STM keep it simple and therefore more efficient. And I am still looking for a simple "search" on Orion that would bring me directly to a VM stats.


              Back to Orion not beeing a Solarwinds products...So who is the editor ?

              If I have a question/issues (like I do on some services not starting) how am I suppose to link the support ticket to ?


              My 2 cents is that if Orion is not technically a product, on a customer/user point of vue, it is.

              And it would make sense that, for exemple, if I look for how to authenticate to an AD in Orion, I would look for "Orion platform" on the success center Success Center - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

              Most of the time it is NPM links that pop out...at some point I was wondering if NPM was another name for Orion (or something like the STM / SRM stuff).


              Any other users  out there facing the same "frustration" as I do ?


              thanks and regards



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                  Hi Gildas,


                  Thanks for catching the error. I changed 'STM Orion' to 'SRM Orion' in my previous reply.


                  The blog below does an excellent job of answering questions about SRM, and why it was built on the Orion platform

                  Dreams Come True - Storage on Orion is now in Release Candidate!


                  I am surprised to hear the feedback on STM interface being favored over the Orion interface. Can you provide an example?


                  If you have just VMan and having issues with the Orion interface, you can most definitely log a ticket by choosing Virtualization Manager as the product.


                  With that said, I do understand your point on the success center articles. jkuvlesk may have some thoughts on it.

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                      Here are my thoughts :) The Orion platform provides a common set of services that most Orion platform products share like the UI, reporting, alerting, etc. These common services provide the ability for these products to work together to solve larger problems. When you have a problem with one of our products, our support team will be able to decipher if it is an issue with the Orion Platform functionality or an issue with a product specific component. All you need to do is open the case with the product you have an issue with, as in holyguacamole's example - if you have an issue with VMAN on the Orion interface, just open a VMAN ticket. When searching in the Success Center, you should just type in the issue you are having and the product name, or type in the issue, and filter on the product name. Articles should be tagged with all the products that the issue applies to. So, if it is an Orion Platform issue, the article should be tagged with all applicable products. If you are unable to find an article that solves your issue, the next step is to open a support case.

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                          gildas declercq



                          thanks for your replies.

                          Therefore it confirms to me that Orion is indeed a product.

                          and should have a direct entry in success center / thwack / support to clarify.


                          As soon I have a question or a problem while using Orion, it makes to me to log a question/ticket about Orion. 

                          After some investigation we will figure out if it pure Orion or an integrated product or anything else relying on Orion infrastructure itself (DB...).


                          when the pb is when using VMAN, or STM I post question or support relied to those.


                          Hopefully other users may give their point of vue.



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                              Hi, Orion is not a product but provides shared services among products. The way support works is we look to see if you are under active maintenance for the product you have purchased. Orion is not a product you purchase. NPM, SAM, VMAN, SRM, etc. are products you purchase. When opening a case or searching in the Success Center, simply mark which product you are having the issue with. I hope this helps clarify your question.