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    Customer Testimony - Kim Tessereau Director Data Platform @ Vinuity


      Hi my name is Kim Tessereau and I'm in the IT Consulting industry and I work as a Director of Data Platforms for a company named Vinuity in the St. Louis Missouri area.  We are a small company that has only a couple of handfuls of employees.   Because we are small it's important for our consultants to be agile and fast.  Since I'm in the database world I have had the luxury of using the DPA product from Solarwinds on many occasions.  Almost all of my database customers have DPA in their shops which is great because that means I don't have to retool myself every time I switch clients.  Prior to coming to Vinuity I was a DBA at a Movie Distribution company where I purchased Solarwinds DPA for the first time and was introduced to an amazing tool!  I shopped around and looked at competitors such as Red Gate and they just didn't stack up to Solarwinds in many aspects.  I use DPA to send alerts on mission critical problems and to identity problem areas within the enterprise I'm currently working on.  If you haven't had the pleasure of working with these tools yet, please take the time to check them out I think you will be impressed!


      Warm Regards.

      Kim Tessereau

      Director Data Platform @ Vinuity