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    Create A Report To Display Traffic Between Two Endpoints


      Hey All,


      I'm new to the forum community but had a question regarding a report I need to generate for my client. We are implmeneting a disaster recovery solution and I need to analyze the traffic flows between two specific endpoints for a duration of time. I'm using the online reporting utility built into the solarwinds GUI since that can handle NTA infromation.


      I may be doing something wrong so hopefully the steps I'll list below will provide some clarity into what it is I'm trying to accomplish.


      1. From the Solarwinds GUI I navigate to Reports > All Reports
      2. I select Manage Reports in the top rigt corner
      3. I select Create New Report
      4. When the Add Context box appears, I select the Custom Table resource
      5. The next step is to select objects you are going to report on
        1. My selection Method is listed as Dynamic Query Builder
        2. I select Advanced Selector
        3. Then, I want to report on: Netflow Flow By Conversation History
        4. I then added two simple conditions, one as Source IP and the other as Destination IP with them both being 'is equal to' with the IP addresses listed for the two IP address I'm looking to see the traffic flows for
      6. On the next page I get Edit Resource: Custom Table
        1. I added to my Table Layout: Source IP and Destination IP
        2. **The error I recieve after I add these two is Columns don't match primary datasource. You must select at least one field from orion.netflow.flowsbyconversation.


      Does anyone have any idea what this error is? I'm not sure how the two columns I selected are not listed in this datasource.


      Please let me know what I may be missing or what I should change. The goal of this report is two display traffic flows between two specific endpoints over a 2-3 week duration with the amount of traffic generated between the two broken down into daily timestamps.


      Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you & Merry Christmas!