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    Why Network Performance Monitor saved my IT Dept.


      Not a lot of applications now have the versatility of what solar winds can do.

      In our case we are a credit union mid-sized company and we need our network to be up and running as soon as we find a problem.

      With the Network Performance Monitor we get alerts on our email and a web application that monitors all are network devices. This is valuable because if something goes down we need to make sure we have a backup or fix the issue right away. We work with members on a daily basis to make sure there financial infrastructure is running 24/7. That's why I believe this product saved our Department with better ways to manage and control our network. Over the years we tried different companies but with the built in learning webinars and support plus the latest updates we constantly are amazed on how smoothly our daily operations go with these products from solar winds.  For audit reports as well to get detailed information of our network is needed for monitoring down time and very specifics of our environment. I'm overall happy that we stayed with Solar winds and their products and they always push to make it better and innovate new ideas and software to push the market to edge likes it needs.