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    VMAN SSL Certificate


      I am posting this so that it may help someone out in the future as I worked on this for 2 weeks.


      I was trying to get SSL using a certificate from my CA working for my VMAN instance.  I followed the instructions provided at the following link.

      Add an SSL certificate to Virtualization Manager - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      After trying several different things I still could not get the certificate to be recognized.  The steps provided no errors, but my browser still stated that the certificate was not trusted.  I opened a ticket with support but they stated that they could not help as it was not a problem with VMAN itself.


      Upon inspection of the details, I noticed that the certificate that the browser was pulling had an expiration date of March 2017, while the actual certificate has an expiration of December 2018.


      I then took a look at the detail of the keystore using the command keytool -list.  When I listed the certificates using -keystore mykeystore, I was provided with a certificate that showed it was a "trustedCertEntry".  However, when I used -keystore /etc/hyper9/mykeystore, I was provided with a certificate PrivateKeyEntry.  See attached screenshot.


      So, I changed step 15 to the following:

      ./keytool -import -alias tomcat -keystore /etc/hyper9/mykeystore -trustcacerts -file chain_certificate_filename


      This uploaded the certificate to the correct location.