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    Remote location polling


      I am a brand net NPM user, so please excuse the probably silly question.


      I have two sites, connected via a not-so-quick site-to-site VPN.  I have added the network devices and nodes at the remote site to my NPM instance, but because of the speed of the link, they all report High Response Time... because they DO have High Response Time with respect to the poller's location.


      If I install a remote poller on a server at their site, can I tell it to monitor response time with respect to that poller's location?  And is there an additional license I need to do so?


      I can just tune the thresholds of the main poller's alerting, but I figured I'd see if this was possible first.





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          Jan Pelousek


          sure. If you're polling the network nodes by remote poller (the polling is assigned to those pollers), the response time and availability is monitored in it's context. The additional pollers are licensed separately, but you pay just the Core license. Not sure if there's possible to have APE license if your main poller license is not the unlimited one, but that should be easy query for sales. You should be able also to evaluate the Additional poller to check if the oslution will suit your needs. If you're on the NPM 12.0.1, you should be able to find the installer on the Polling Engines page.