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    Solar Winds Virtualization Manager Review


      Hello, My name is Michael Hultquist and I have worked as a systems engineer for a healthcare organization for several years now.  Our company has 7000+ employees leveraging 2800 endpoints connected to 1000+ servers.


      So we have the strangest issue with our VMware environment that the Solar Winds Virtualization Manager helped us solve and I wanted to share the problem and solution.  Every day at 8:00 AM our VMware environment would slow down to a crawl, and every day at 1:00 PM it would resume normal operations at the correct speed.  We were unable to isolate the issue for several weeks and our user base was becoming extremely irritated and patient care was becoming a problem.  It was at this point we purchased the Solar Winds Virtualization Manager and installed it in our environment.  The first day after installation we were able to isolate the latency we were experiencing to a series of hosts and LUNs, which allowed us to target a specific fiber switch.  Once we isolated the switch we troubleshot it until we found a single SFP that was connected to one of our backup servers that was failing and flooding the switch with corrupted data and maxing out its resources.  We replaced the SFP and the system resumed normal operations and there were not further issues.


      Thank you Solar Winds for such a great product!


      Michael Hultquist