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    Report on tickets users touched?


      Is it possible to create a report showing the tickets, or the number of tickets, that a Tech has updated?


      We're just about to move over to WHD (this Tuesday is cut-over), and we have some techs that are concerned about getting "credit" for hardware repair tickets.

      Here's the old work flow:

      We're a school system, and previously the on-site support person would but in a ticket to their area tech. Area tech picks up the hardware and brings it back to the shop. The area tech kept the main ticket, and created a child-ticket which they assigned to the repair shop. Repair shop would work it, then close the child ticket, and update the parent. Area tech sees the parent is updated and knows they can return the hardware to the school.


      In WHD our planned work flow:

      On-site tech submits ticket, escalates to area tech. Area tech sets the Request Type to "Tech Shop" which assigns to their Tech Group. Tech Shop group repairs, updates note and changes request type to "Tech Shop - Return" which assigns back to area tech, they return it to the on-site, who gives it to the end user and then closes the ticket (as the work is then fully complete).


      I want to avoid making people create unnecessary and confusing parent-child tickets, which is why we decided on this new work flow with WHD. Our tech shop repair guys are concerted they won't get "credit" for tickets, because they're not closing anything but just putting in the notes for their part. So is there a way I can run a report that shows the tickets they've added notes to? Or is there a better way to achieve this work flow that allows them to get "credit?"


      I know they can add time, but we're not requiring techs to add time to tickets so it wouldn't be a good reflection of their work either.

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          So, two ways i can see that you might approach this.  


          1st way:
          There is a type of report called a Billing Report.   You could make one and key it off of Tech as the "category" in the report definition.  here is an example.   I had a ticket (Ticket 4) where both Frank Frink and Joe Admin added notes to the ticket.   Frank's note was first and that note indicated 26 minutes of work.    The ticket was re-assigned to Joe who put in a note, and that note indicated he did 11 minutes worth of work.  When i run the report i can see the work time for each tech, but in terms of the ticket count, that only shows for the currently assigned tech.... so it mostly gets you there:  the ticket count might seem 'off' (since that count only takes the currently assigned tech into account) but the work time is accurate for the amount of time they spent working on tickets:



          2nd way:

          You can run a query.  Although this is not something you could schedule in the way that a report can be, you can save the query and re-run it ad hoc whenever you'd like.

          Using the same environment above, i'll:

          1. Go to Tickets -> Search Tickets -> Advanced Search tab
          2. Add a line for "Updated by" and choose the Tech (or multiple lines to include other Techs) and specify a time range
            That should get you a result set like this:

            So that get you mostly what you want; the only real problem there is that (in theory) the Techs could game the system a bit by doing any sort of update to a ticket to get it to be returned by that query (since it isn't looking directly at whether a Note was added - just that the ticket was updated by that Tech.
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              Thanks kellytice, that is definitely helpful, but it looks like for the first method we would have to require people to enter time with their notes.


              I would normally consider that a non-issue, but given the current structure of support in our system it's not something we can actually enforce. Without everyone entering time it doesn't work as a good measuring tool.


              The Techs' concern comes from just running Reports. They don't want the managers to get reports that look like they're not working because they aren't the Tech that closed the ticket at the end of the line. This brings it back to the first part, where I think people are just going to have to enter time for that to work.


              This is great info though!