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    New to NTA - Question about remote collectors


      My question is this: What are the best practices for setting up remote collectors in an extended network environnment?


      -We have ~30 sites connected via a wide area Microwave network with link bandwidth ranging from 10 Mbps to 300 Mbps. At most of the remote sites we have a VM Host.


      More specific questions:

      1. If I want to use NetFlow (sFlow in our case) on a switch at my remote sites, do I need a local collector at each site that I want to do this?

      2. What kind of device would I need for a remote collector? What is the overhead/requirements for a remote collector? Could I just spin up a little VM on an existing Host?

      3. How much traffic will a remote collector generate from my remote site back to my Core site?

      4. Am I even asking the right questions?


      Thanks for the help,


      NTA Noob