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    How do I include the Event Log's Description in an email alert?


      I see the Description field shows up as "WarningMessage" field in the events collected by LEM.

      How can I include the contents of this in an email alert?


      Thank you!

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          When you have an email set up in your alert (or Rule in lem), you can add custom parameters to your email template.

          Then you have to go back to the rule in question, choose the email template with the new parameters, and the new parameters will appear in the actions section of your rule.

          After this, you have to find the event field that you would like information from (found on the list to the left of the page), and drag and drop the field that has the information you want to see, (in this case it's the description field you want to drag and drop to the description parameter (or variable as I like to call it)),  into one of the parameters you have created. Save changes, (don't forget activate rules button).

          The steps that describe this can be found in article:

          Troubleshooting Rules and Email Responses - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

          In the section:




          You receive an email notification for the alert, but the fields in the custom email template are blank.

          Steps to resolve:

          1. Click the Build tab, and then select Rules.
          2. Locate your rule, click the gear icon on the left and select Edit. You will notice that the fields in the Actions box are blank.
          3. Copy the event assigned to this rule. This is the string before the dot in the Correlation box.
          4. Click Events on the left pane and type the event in the search field.
          5. Drag the fields required in your rule from the Fields pane to populate the blank fields in the Actions box.
          6. Click Save to close the Rule Creation window.
          7. Click Activate Rules on the Rules window.








          -> create your rule.

          -> create your email template

          -> add parameters or placeholders where the field information will be saved to into your email template

          -> add parameters into the description of your email template

          -> go back to the rule, select the email template

          -> the parameters with empty text boxes will appear in actions section

          -> chose the event you want, then from the list underneath it, the field you want that holds the information you want to see.

          -> drag and drop the field you want into the empty textbox of the parameter you have assigned for that field.

          -> save changes

          -> presto, done!