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    Network and Latency issue


      I was trying to pull the Network and Latency graph for current month but in between some days  data are missing. i am attaching the attachment also with this.

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          This can happen with SNMP traffic, its classed as low priority traffic and there are a few reasons dependant upon environment why you may not see this traffic. This is where an average would be applied based on the stats you have. What is it you are hoping to see specifically?

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            Richard Phillips

            I've seen this as well. You could increase the polling interval on the specific devices possibly and another option would be to QoS the very specific traffic if it is critical. However as acmtix mentioned SNMP traffic is considered very low priority so trying to "force" it needs to be done extremely carefully.

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              I noticed that some of the days it has no data for are weekend days. Are devices unmanaged some weekends?


              When you look at other devices, are they also missing the data? If so, then your solarwinds server may have been shut down or the services were stopped. If it's only this one device where there is missing data, then check if device was switched off or unmanaged during those days.