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    LEM & Edgewater/EdgeMarc device


      Anyone have any success getting syslogs to LEM from an Edgewater device? We are seeing the traffic from the Edgewater logs, on the firewall, but not 'receiving' them in LEM. Edgewater support indicates that the syslog set up is correct.

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          You could always try to send it to a Kiwi syslog sever.  Then you could do a wireshark in between if it is not getting there.

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            Looking at my list of connectors, I don't see EdgeMarc or EdgeWater as currently supported sources.  It's possible LEM is getting the syslogs, but has no idea what to do with the information to make it visible in our console.


            1. SSH into the LEM or open the LEM virtual machine console
            2. Go to APPLIANCE
            3. Run CHECKLOGS
            4. Pick one that isn't empty, and view it
            5. Type a forward slash while viewing the log "/" and then enter the IP of the Edge device, see if LEM finds that pattern
              • If it does, great!
              • If it doesn't, quit the log viewer and go back to step 3
            6. If you can't find the IP(s) anywhere, that suggests LEM isn't getting the raw logs at all.  If you can find it, it could be that a connector hasn't been configured (call Support) or that we don't have a valid connector (call Support) and be prepared to send us the log sample


            You can export the log by using the EXPORTSYSLOG command in that same APPLIANCE menu.


            If you're not a current customer (no maintenance), you'll either need to get your maintenance back up to date to submit the new connector request or get help from Support.  If you're a prospective customer, you'll need to talk to Solarwinds Sales to have them setup a call with a Sales Engineer (like me) to assist you.