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    VNQM CDR Question


      I've run into some trouble with CDR reporting in my Cisco CallManager environment. We have a 3rd party CDR billing server and I've configured my CUCM Publishers (yes, plural) in VNQM to download CDRs from the Billing FTP server. I've confirmed the credentials are correct. My polling interval is set for 10 minutes as we process a lot of calls. I think I've discovered my issue and I fear there's no fix for it.


      According to the linked article, Missing call records (CDR files) in VNQM when working with an FTP - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      According to Issue II below, the cluster name must be the default, standalonecluster. Since we are in a multi-cluster environment aka an SME CallManager architecture we update the cluster ID of each Cluster for call accounting purposes. Can the Solarwinds CCMmonitoring table be updated for a different cluster name or mulitple cluster names? Unfortunely, setting the Cluster ID back to the default is not an option and it's shame we couldn't use this feature if there's no other option.


      Issue II.

      1. Check files in FTP, note the file name specifically the cluster name IE: cdr_standalonecluster_01...

      2. Check the CCMmonitoring table in the Solarwinds Database and verify the ClusterName column matches the     standalonecluster section of the filename listed above.

      3. If they do not match, remove the Call Manager from VNQM and re-add it to see if it will re-sync.

      4. Recheck the CCMmonitoring table if it still shows bad data then continue if not it should be resolved.

      5.  If not, perform an SNMPwalk and verify that what is being returned for the OID     it should match the standalonecluster from the file name, if it does not match the customer needs to work with     Cisco to clear the stale data or fix the mismatch.

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          Friendly nudge to see if someone will attempt to answer this question. I have 30,000 phones, 6 CallManager Clusters and it would be super awesome if I could get VNQM CDR working for all of my CallManager Clusters.

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