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    Option to add to CC client of merged ticket?


      Can we please have an option somewhere in the settings... that will allow us to automatically CC someone on a ticket if theirs was merged?  I had this on spiceworks and miss this dearly.


      Let's talk about a specific example.  Someone notices their phone can't dial out.  They open a ticket.  Shortly thereafter 3-4 more tickets come in.  OK, maybe the phone circuit is down.  You merge the tickets, because this is part of the same incident.  All of the users with tickets open should be notified of updates to this ticket.  However, they're not.  Instead you have to manually add them to be CC'd.  Which is kind of ridiculous.. can't we have this built in?


      Obviously there are some users who wouldn't want this functionality, so it could be an option in the settings, whether merged tickets automatically CC the clients of the tickets that were closed during the merge.