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    Tickets Anywhere - I miss this functionality :(


      So I used to be a heavy user of Spiceworks.  Due to internal reasons, we switched to Web Help Desk.  There are a few things I miss, but very specifically, Tickets Anywhere, and being able to issue commands in the subject line of the email.


      Spiceworks has some of this, but it's very limited.


      Like one huge use case is lets say I get an email from an executive about something that really should be a ticket.  I can go create the ticket myself.. or I could hit a button in Outlook (a macro) that would automatically forward the message to our web help desk email address and append to the subject line: "#created by exec.emailaddress@companyname.com". 


      Any chance some functionality like this would be added?

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          Coming fro OTRS where you could do all that and more, which is a free open source application, i found a tool in outlook that if you have email admin rights there is a powershell script you can run against your exchange server making you have send as ability.   You can then hit the resend button in the open outlook email and this will allow you to forward any email from any user in your company, given you have access, in to WHD and it will see it as it came from that user, and create a ticket for it. 


          I still use Spiceworks for some items until i can afford the Solarwinds versions.

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            This is a great suggestion - really think that WHD needs some TLC in the quick ticket area.  It just isn't very efficient for creating one quickly.

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                There are a lot of features it needs added to it, I mentioned OTRS.   Talk about feature rich and its open source so its free, or was for a long time.  Now like everything else, there is a fee for high end features.  Really a great example of feature packed helpdesk solution.   I used it for roughly 8 years before leaving that company and moving to Florida.   I usually suggest it as a starting point for users needing feature rich on a budget.  I am still holding out hope WHD will gain some support momentum from their developers since its a for profit software, and start delivering like the rest of Solarwinds products do.