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    On call calendar scheduling inflexibility


      We have an on call schedule where we rotate between members every 4 weeks starting on Tuesday.


      I can't seem to figure out how to do this in Alert Central.


      I have not been able to build this using the logic in Alert manager. It seems very inflexible to be unable to set up something I would think would be simple: "Person in group A is on-call from day X for duration Y every Z Days/Weeks/Months"


      Is there any way to set this up using the current logic?

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          I've found that I have to put in each one manually, i.e. for each 4-week period, create a one-time assignment starting on the Tuesday of the start of the period and ending on the Monday at the end of the period, then check the "All Day" box. Set the Group and User dropdowns as appropriate. Repeat this process for each group member and for each period, as far into the future as you know the schedule. Don't use the "Recurring assignment" feature.


          There's really no way to do it with logic like you would a recurring appointment in, say, Outlook.