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    Migrated from Alert Manager 2012.1.0 to NPM 12.0.1, Alert actions are broken.


      After migrating an old installation to the newest NPM, when importing my old alert actions from Alert Manager 2012.1.0, all my alerts seem to be broken.


      For example, I have an alert setup to send an email with a link to the Netflow traffic Top 10 Talkers when an interface reaches 80% of its bandwidth usage. In the old Alert Manager this would send out an email without any issues. In the new system, I am getting variables that are just showing up as ${Interface.InPercentUtil}% instead of the percent utilization they'd normally show up as. The body of the email is also just an error, "MACRO SQL ERROR - Invalid object name 'NetFlowAlertMacros'."


      So my question is, is there an easier way to send out an alert email with the top 10 talkers on that interface or a better way to fix the imported actions?