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    WMI set up for Patch Manager


      I am trying to configure patch manager but need to enable WMI.

      From what i can see on the client servers WMI is active and running, I have allowed connection through the firewalls and can ping between the patch manager vm and the client WSUS server.


      Does anyone have advise on how to ensure this is running and can connect?


      Any help would be great.



        • Re: WMI set up for Patch Manager

          from your PC go to start and run wbemtest


          When it opens go to connect.  Leave root\cimv2 but add a computer you want to try and connect to before that like PCTEST\root\cimv2

          Enter in the credentials you want to use to connect with WMI and click connect.  If it connects then you have WMI connectivity and your problem is elsewhere, which it likely is.   I would guess its in the credentials ring in patch manager