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    F5 usage report


      I have been asked to create a report which graphs the number of connections per virtual server (VS) on the F5.  I am looking for a single line per VS, not a line for each pool member.  I have more than 10 VS so the graph that shows the top 10 connections will not work for me.

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          Give this a try, let me know if it works:


          Select NodesData.Caption,COUNT (F5_LTM_PoolMember.OrionStatus) AS 'Active Connections'

          From F5_LTM_PoolMember

          INNER JOIN NodesData

          ON F5_LTM_PoolMember.NodeID = NodesData.NodeID

          Where F5_LTM_PoolMember.OrionStatus = '1'

          Group by NodesData.Caption,F5_LTM_PoolMember.OrionStatus