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    Filling subnets in IPAM


      Hi all


      I have an issue with Solarwinds IPAM, maybe I didn't get everything well.

      Before moving to Solarwinds, we used IPplan, so we had to convert the data. The result is a formated excel file with all the used IPs.


      My problem is : when the importation is done, I can only see the used IPs, the available spots are not shown. And the result of this is that when I want to launch an automatic scan, it only works for the declared IPs.


      I tried to make an excel file with all the possible IPs, free and used, but the number of lines makes it impossible, it prints an error during the last importation :

      "The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel, cannot be used for communication because it is in the faulted state".


      I imagine there is a simpler way to fill the available spots in my subnets, but I haven't found it, I would be very thankful for any help I can get !


      Thanks in advance



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          Go to your subnet in "Manage Subnets & IP Addresses" and click "Add IP range", provide the range from 0 to 255 - it will fill the gaps (shouldn't override already existing addresses).


          If you are going to use automatic scan, it would be easier to just import subnets, and let IPAM scan and mark used addresses.


          Hope that helps.

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              We have over 1000 subnets so I wanted to find something to prevent me from doing this on every subnet one by one, and automatic scanning would not take into account every reserved address and objects not reponding to ping..


              But yes, importing subnets and scan the whole network seems to be good. I actually made it by importing all the IP addresses, it didn't work with 60k+ lines excel documents but turns out it does with 30k lines at a time.


              Thank you for your answer !

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                  I just configured IPAM for my company and we have over 1000 subnets broken down every which way. Their is no easy way to do this except by going to each individual subnet and adding the IP Address range.

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                      Thank you for your answer.

                      I may add that, to avoid doing this for every subnets, you can always use Excel's macros to fill a document with every IP addresses. However, you need to do it before importing your existing addresses or use another macro (more complicated) to fill the used IP in the previous document with all the empty addresses. The formula to get a subnet width from its mask is :

                      //with b the broadcast byte

                      //with n the network byte

                      //with m the mask

                      if : m>=24 (b is the 4th byte) b= n+ 256/(2^(m-24))-1

                      if 16<m<24 (b is the 3rd byte) b= n+2^(24-m)-1

                      I'm joining the macro from excel (don't pay attention to the limits witch corresponds to the number of subnets we have, or the number of the rows, depending on the configuration of your excel document) .


                      I don't know if it will be useful for anyone, but it may help to understand the way of thinkingaide_solarwinds_macro_IP.png

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