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    move up to a linux server fails, tries to create directory that already exists


      I am experiencing the strangest behavior on some scheduled tasks.  I have a server that I connect to several times a day to transfer different files to the exact folder destination location. I have several tasks to move certain files at different scheduled times all using the same same site profile connection.  for the most part it works fine and then one task will fail until I add the ~ in front of the path on that task.  other tasks still work fine without it.  the log shows that it is trying to create the same path and fails.  so in the remote path I have /folder1/folder2/folder3 and that is the same path for all tasks.  on one task I need to add the relative path ~/folder1/folder2/folder3 and then it works.


      anyone experiencing this?


      I am using FTP Voyager Version