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    Lab 39 PowerShell Connection Issue


      Hi all, I am trying to follow along with SLW Lab #39 where a powershell query was ran


      Select IPaddress, nodeid, caption

      From orion.nodes


      I seem to be having an issue when being asked for SwisConnection details.  I am getting the error below



      If I run the command shown below, it does seem to indicate I do connect  I am running this locally on a development application server instance


      Great lab video by the way, looking forward to another API lab hopefully.  Thanks!

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          When you run "Get-SwisData" with no arguments, PowerShell asks you for a value for the required "SwisConnection" parameter. You typed "Connect-Swis -Hostname ..." at the prompt. The problem is that this is not a prompt for a PowerShell command - it is a prompt for a string that PowerShell will use for this parameter.


          It will work better if you supply the arguments up front. Like this:


          $swis = Connect-Swis -Hostname xxxx -Username xxxx -Password xxxx

          Get-SwisData $swis "Select IPaddress, nodeid, caption From orion.nodes"

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