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    F5 Configuration Archive


      So I got this set up using this guide: Back up the F5 UCS file in NCM 7.5 and other binary files such as .tgz and .tar - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Su…


      It is working, the file is uploaded and I see it in the directory share the article mentions. I also see the file in the configuration archive folder. In the archive folder it is named with the device name, but in the directory share it has an alpha numeric name that renders the file useless if there are multiple devices being backed up. We do have multiple F5's we need to back up.


      I have  a couple of questions at this point:


      1. What is the purpose of the directory share if the files are being saved in config-archive on the local server anyway?

      2. Is there any way for the server to use the device name instead of the alpha numeric name is is using when transferring the file to the directory share?

      3. I am going to need to delete old configuration files as we don't have the space to store UCS files indefinitely. Can I just delete these from both the config-archive folder and the directory share or is there a place in the Solarwinds GUI that I should be deleting them from?



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          Ran into this exact issue as well - finally got the backups working but the files appear useless in a single folder. We have 6 - F5's and seeing the random file names does not help if we needed to restore/rebuild. Hoping for an answer for this as well.