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    Need Help with Setting up checklist with custom fields on tickets


      I have a checklist for our new hire's that start here at our company. I would like to create a checklist within the ticket that will give me the following:


      First and last name:

      Start date:

      Hiring Manager:



      Can you please explain the best way to have these in the ticket and have a field to fill in the information? Is this possible?





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          For this you would likely just create Ticket Custom Fields for those items (Setup -> Tickets -> Ticket Custom Fields).   Those custom fields could be text boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists to choose from, or multiple choice boxes.


          So you might have 3 or 4 custom fields:

               First Name              text field

               Last Name              text field

               Start Date              date field

               Hiring Manager      text field

          You can set each one of those to be required if you want to make sure that it gets answered on ticket submission.


          Once you create a ticket custom field and save it, an option will appear in the custom field settings to choose which Request Types to apply that to.


          Here is an example where i have created a Request Type called "Software License Request" and then I have made some Ticket Custom Fields that i want the submitter to answer.  The ones with red asterisks are the custom fields that i made 'required':

          2016-12-09 11_53_15-Greenshot image editor.png