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    Integrating NCM job approvals with BMC Remedy



      We are looking at replacing our existing Network Config. Mgmt (NCM) tool with SolarWinds NCM,   Our current NCM tool is integrated with BMC Remedy so that jobs can be scheduled to run, but held until the associated BMC Remedy change record (CRQ) is approved.  I understand SolarWinds NCM already contains an [internal] approval process and also has a SDK.


      Has anyone already integrated SolarWinds NCM with BMC Remedy as described above? 


      Thanks in advance,

      Matt Wisner

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          p. 113 of the NCM 7.5.1 Admin Guide states:


          "When you enable the change approval system, SolarWinds NCM prevents the system from executing device uploads until an NCM administrator has approved the scheduled job."


          I see that when NCM's approval system is enabled, an email is sent to a configurable list of users to notify them of the pending jobs, and jobs are held until approved by a NCM admin.

          I already have a robot account that reads emails, but still need to identify the following for a workable solution:

          1. A way to associated an NCM job with a Remedy CRQ

          2. Specific info on how to approve an NCM job using the SDK