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    Top domain destinations accessed by a specific Node




      I have NTA 4.2.1 installed and collecting Netflow Data, but I am having difficulties creating a custom report that would give me the Top 20 domain destinations by number of bytes accessed through a specific Firewall.

      We have a few locations, each with it's own firewall for Internet access, which send Netflow data,  and we need to know how what are the top sites/domains accessed by each location (firewall). I have tried to customize the predefined report, Top 20 Traffic Destinations By Domain - Last 24 Hours, and filter by Node, but, this does not give me accurate data; it queries Netflow data of ALL nodes and only displays the results for the Node used in the filter, instead of querying that specific Node only.


      Is there a way to get this report with SolarWinds NTA? The data should already be available in the database, just need a way to get it in the report. And, I am sure, we are not the only ones who need such report.

      Any help with this, really appreciated.


      Thank you!