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    NPM Universal Device Poller Chart


      Good day!

      I've created an UnDP and assosiated it with OIB, with device, added to WebGUI - this works perfect. BUT, I'm not able to label it. Actually I have two problems to solve.

      1) Names are stored is another MIB branch. So my chart is a kind of ugly (have a look at an image attached). I have a dozen of rows inside one OID. They are polled all at once. Is there some way to divide them one from another? Is it possible to take only certain row from OID?

      2) I can't choose data for report from this UnDP. I'd like to report only on certain data, but not being able to split them in different pollers, I have a lot of problems matching those numbers with description in my notebook (yes!).

      It looks like i need to transform my results somehow. Here's an options for transform.


      Parse looks like a good option. But, as far as i understand, it allows only to transform a result, not to take one row from the whole table. Please, help.