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    Unable to connect an NPM v11 server from EOC v1.6


      Looking for guidance with connecting an NPM Server (v11) connection to a new EOC (v1.6) server.  I have currently connected an NPM (v12) to the EOC so I know it works.  From the EOC I can reach the NPM (v11) and access the NPM Web page.  When I try and add the NPMv 11 server to EOC I get the following errors:


      EOC was unable to login to the Orion server, please confirm the following items:


          IP address or FQDN of the Orion Server

          Username and password entered correctly

          The Orion server time is out of sync with EOC. Synchronize the server times and try again


      I know the IP address is correct because as stated above I can web to the NPM v11server from EOC, I know the account is correct because I can log into the NPM v11 server via the web with the account in question.  From the windows desktop of both servers the time looks good, they appear to be exactly the same time.


      I originally was seeing a windows firewall issue but I allowed the Solarwinds Information Service (TCP 17777) through and that error disappeared.  I'm stuck and at a loss at what to look at to see what the error is, would failed logins appear in some sort of log on the Windows server?





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          Issue resolved - w32time issue.

          Even though both clocks from a desktop perspective were in sync and a Time /T showed the same time w32time was not started.  I had to unregister, then register w32tme, update the configuration with our internal ntp server and then restart the service.  Once I did that EOC was able to successfully add both NPM's