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    NCM Configuration Question


      When I attempt to view the config saved by my NCM backups it doesn't read normally. It's saved as only letters and numbers.


      Is it hex or something? Is there any way to view it normally?

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            Unfortunately no.  My config downloads properly with no errors.  When I go to view it though, every line is just letters and numbers.

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                I something similar once when a previous administrator had configured a device's vty interfaces to operate at 115200 instead of the default 9600.  I got nothing but garbage out of the connection.  But that was local console, not telnet or SSH.


                Compare the results of NCM downloading the config against your SSH session directly to a device and using the "show run" or equivalent command.  Do you see the expected clear text from your ssh session?


                If so, is NCM set up to use the exact same command when downloading the config file?  Or is NCM using tftp or scp to copy the configs from your devices?


                NCM should use the exact same process that you use when you manually view the running-config on the device.


                Are the devices that have this problem all Cisco switches or routers?  If they're something else, please provide what detail you feel comfortable sharing.


                I'll be watching this thread with interest to see what you learn.

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              Remoting via ssh and performing a "show conf" (these are extreme XOS devices) prints the appropriate information.


              NCM is set to use the following command.


              "${TransferProtocol} ${StorageAddress} -v VR-Default -p -l primary.cfg -r ${StorageFilename}"


              I can enter the same command via SSH (of course replacing the substitutions)


              E.G.   "tftp (solarwindsserveraddress) -v VR-Default -p -l primary.cfg -r (switchname.cfg)"


              If I look at the created file from my command it looks sort of appropriate but not quite the same as a show run.  When I go to compare configs from solarwinds I get lines of characters.Not exactly gibberish but almost as if it was saved in hex or something.


              Interestingly enough when I attempted to show examples of what solarwinds was giving me it turned into somewhat appropriate config here in the browser....