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    REST API query Node Serial Number or UUID


      Hello, I am using the SolarWinds API to query our SolarWinds inventory. I will be importing the SolarWinds inventory into our external Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in ServiceNow.


      In order to properly coalesce hosts that already exist in the CMDB in ServiceNow, there must be a unique value that we can use to match on.


      Does SolarWinds track either the Serial Number or UUID for each host?


      I found the schema here but it does not contain any info about UUID or Serial Number.




      There is NodeID but that is specific to SolarWinds.


      We need a field that will exist already across our other management platforms, such as Puppet. We use UUID to coalesce hosts stored in Puppet.


      In the absence of UUID or at least Serial Number, it could be difficult to match accurately.