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    huge size of %user%\AppData\Local\EminentWare\Packages




      i've noticed that the size of the %user%\AppData\Local\EminentWare\Packages is continuously growing (15.5 GB right now)

      using the 'Clear Caches and View Layouts' doesn't seem to affect this folder.


      is there a better method to purge this folder's contents rather than going every now and then deleting old files?

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          If you delete the third party updates you arent using in patch manager it will delete the content saved in that folder.  If you delete the content there, the packages will fail to install when called upon.  I would not delete anything in that folder manually.


          Back when I first took over patch manager a few years ago that folder was 90 GB.  I set out to clear out old and expired updates and got it down to 40 GB which is about where it is now and is normal.

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