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    Collecting Log4Net app logs in Azure with LEM




      I am a customer (of Orion and LEM) and was hoping to leverage the LEM to monitor disparate applications logs across our enterprise. I wanted to start with a simple web app that we are about to launch into Azure - first production app in the cloud. We are running on a CMS that uses Log4Net style logging and were hoping to watch general error conditions, but also looking to watch for a specific condition - namely if a process fails to run at all (hence nothing in the log) for some period.


      I spent some time on tech support, but did not get a real strong vibe that this was a "sweet spot" use case for the LEM. So I have been investigating Splunk and Nagios to fill this gap for us.


      Am I barking up the wrong tree? Can LEM do this without significant customization - only configuration?