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    SWQL Timeout issue

    Mark Roberts



      We have an NTA report based on processing the amount of traffic transferred in a period of time (1 calendar month) and as this is a very large data set, we often hit timeout issues where the query exceeds the 2 minute timeout value.


      Is there a configuration setting that allows this timeout to be adjusted, as I do not feel we are able to optimise the query any more, as we need Interface name filters and a SUM on a sub query.




      The NTA flow storage server is pretty powerful with lots of RAM and Raided SSD storage.

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          Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion SDK\SWQL Studio\SwqlStudio.exe.config and find this piece around line 33:


                <setting name="OperationTimeout" serializeAs="String">




          And change the "2" to some higher value. It's in minutes. Restart SWQL Studio.

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              Mark Roberts

              Hi Tim


              Thanks for this. Next question is how to then apply this in the web interface, as that is also timing out and as mentioned it is not possible to divide up the report into smaller chunks as the purpose of the report is to aggregate traffic over 1 month where total traffic per IP address source is over xGB.





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              Sidebar:  Can you provide the SWQL that you are running?  There may be a way to optimize it.