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    REST API read only account




      I would like to write a python script to query our entire inventory using the SolarWinds REST API.


      I found some useful information here. https://thwack.solarwinds.com/thread/55527




      1. How can I set up a read-only account that has access to send GET requests to the REST API URL?



      I found some documentation here but it does not mention how to set up an account with read-only permissions.


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          The security level of your API calls are directly related to the security level of the SolarWinds account you are using to make those calls.  When you authenticate against the API you are simply sending a username/password of a user account in the SolarWinds web console.  Whether that is an Orion Individual Account, or an AD account with permissions in the Orion web console.  So, to create a "Read Only API Account" you just need to go into the Orion Web Console, go to Settings > Manage Accounts, and then just setup the permissions you do/don't want it to have.  You would just make sure not to give it Admin rights and make sure not to give it Manage Nodes/Reports/Alerts rights.  That's it.

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