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    Integration to populate ServiceNow CMDB


      Hello, We want to integrate SolarWinds with our ITSM platform ServiceNow.


      There is an app available on the ServiceNow Store.


      This app does "Alert" integration. This sends incidents to ServiceNow automatically on certain conditions and it looks pretty good.




      However, we want to integrate SolarWinds with ServiceNow to populate our CMDB. (Not send incidents).




      * Can this pre-built "Alert" integration be used to populate the ServiceNow CMDB?

      * If not, what is the best way to achieve this?

      * Would it be a good alternative to use the JDBC driver and execute SQL queries on the SQL Server directly from ServiceNow? (That is how we set up our SCCM integration.)


      Does anyone have any experience using SolarWinds to populate their ServiceNow CMDB?