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    Web Help Desk API - Don't update client on adding a TechNote




      I've been making use of the API recently to help our team log the time per issue better, what the application is doing is injecting a Tech Note using the TechNotes method. What happens is mostly fine but if I do not include emailClient: false in the json an e-mail goes out to the client however the note is hidden as it's just for time logging purposes. By putting that in the json I get 99% of the way to a desired outcome but what it does is uncheck the client box under recipients (if looking at the ticket in the interface) which means techs have to remember to re-check that box before sending an update to the customer.


      So my question, is there a way to disable an e-mail to client via API but leave those checks unchanged on the ticket? Much like when you just click Save in the interface rather than Save & E-mail?


      Any help would be appreciated,