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    Report for Availability

    martian monster

      I am working in reports and modified the report Availability - This Year Modified.  It is pulling the correct nodes but is only reporting the past 3 months.  If I go to the node and check the orion page it gives me daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.  How do I get this report to report back for the year?  Thanks!

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          Go to the Orion Report Writer, look for the Availability Section, and open the "Availability - This Year Report". Then change the report name and save as to keep a copy of the canned report, navigate to the time frame section and adjust accordingly. You can add filters using the "filter results".

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            Also be aware that Solarwinds by default holds detail data for 30 days and then rolls it up.


            If you want detailed data you will need to extend the time this is held in the database settings in the settings for NPM settings.


            I had this issue as monthly reports differed for the same month due to the data roll up