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    What are you using for Network Capacity Metrics & Thresholds?


      We are a State Agency that acts as a service provider to other state agencies for networking services/connectivity to each other and the internet.

      Our group needs to come up with what the "Industry Standard" threshold of utilization performance before starting upgrading an Ethernet circuit.  To do so, we need to have documented (verifiable) sources of what the best practices are for what KPI's/metrics to check and at what point (threshold) does it pass a line that indicates we need to start moving towards an upgrade. Sounds simple, right? Nope, there's not one right answer from my research so far.


      So, I'm reaching out here to ask the following questions:


      What measurements and thresholds, in regards to network performance, are being used elsewhere?

      Can you post links to back up why?


      Any feedback would be appreciated.  We do have some idea of what look at, but I'm keeping it general to see what shakes loose here.