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    Link Parent Tickets?


      Another new feature in 12.5 is "Linking of Parent Tickets"


      How is this different than Merging tickets?


      How is Linking of Parent Tickets a good thing (useful real world example would be helpful)?



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          So there are basically 3 options for dealing with tickets that are somehow related to each other, and they each have their own uses:


          Option 1: Merging tickets

          If you merge tickets, essentially only one of them will stay and the other merged tickets are nuked.  This is useful if you have two (or more) identical tickets - for example if a user had accidentally entered in two tickets for the same work.


          Option 2: Linking as a Parent-Child relationship

          If you link tickets as Parent-Child, they will both still exist and can be worked/closed independently but you can always look at either ticket and see the relationship and the status of the other ticket.

          One primary use case for Parent-Child could be when you have one ticket assigned to you and you want a different Tech to do some related work for it...but if you really 'own' the responsibility for the ticket perhaps you don't want to reassign it to someone else.  So, you could create a separate ticket and then link the 2nd ticket as a child to the 1st ticket.


          Parent-Child relationships can also be used when you have a process (like a new hire process, for example) where you have a 'main' ticket but want to delegate work for that process to other teams/people automatically.    If that specific scenario (new hire process) is of interest, check out this thread:  Onboarding process managed by Web Help Desk


          Option 3:  Linking as a Problem-Incident relationship

          If you have a scenario where there are many tickets about the same thing from different people - for example, a service outage that many people give you tickets about - within a ticket on the Ticket Details page you can change the Ticket Type to be a Problem (instead of "Service Request" which is the default).  You can then make other tickets relating to the same issue to have a Ticket Type of Incident.   If i make a ticket an Incident ticket, I can link that to the Problem ticket.  Changes like Notes being added or Closing the ticket that are made to the Problem will be reflected to the related Incident tickets.


          SERVER-X goes down, and John D. and 5 other people all submit tickets about the issue.    I'll make John's ticket (Ticket #4554) into a Problem.   I'll then select the tickets from the other people (4660, 4663, 4669, 4882, 5101) and make them Incidents, all linked to Problem ticket 4554.    I can add one Note to 4554 saying "I'm working on this" and it will add the Note to all the other tickets.   When i set the status of 4554 to Closed, it will also Close the other 5 Incident tickets.

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