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    Web help desk v12.3 email rejected


      I have noticed some emails rejected when clients replying to already created tickets.





      Please advice. Thx, MST

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          Seems there's confusion over which client record to pick based on email address.

          Can you check to see if you have multiple client records with email address?

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            I think I know what is going on: person A creating a ticket buy email and CC somebody else B person, all of sudden B person is replying back to already opened a ticket and get response - email rejected.


            You were right about "Allow E-Mail Updates on Any Ticket (Yes) on their client account." but how can I enable that for all users as system wide? Is there any option to enable that so people not included in the ticket can reply.


            Another question is if I want to not included people change the status of the ticket?


            Thank You for Your all help.