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    Trying to create a dashboard in power BI using data from WHD tables


      does anyone know if there are any other tables other than the tables in WHD? what about the ability to create a dashboard in Solarwinds Web Help Desk? There are so many reports, and I was looking to extract information from some of the reports to see an overview of open, resolved, closed, and maybe unresolved. then drill down to see departments and\or locations.



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          I was able to accomplish this using some custom properties, and Power BI.

          The challenge comes when trying to integrate it back into Solar-winds as part of the dashboard.

          It follow the usual pivot rules.

          Create the connection to your Orion Database and connect to:

          1. Nodes Table
          2. Interfaces
          3. DailyNodeAvailability
          4. Interfaces
          5. InterfaceAvailability_Daily
          6. InterfaceAvailability

          It should learn the associations by NodeID if not , create the connections.


          The map is from BING, and based on a list that I created with all the Lat/Long details provided.

          PowerBI -Orion .JPG

          In my operational version I add site contact, and other specifics to help in trouble shooting.


          I am playing around with pulling the Group and or Node url's so i can launch directly to Orion from the Dashboard.


          I hope this helps some one.