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    Missing FROM/Duration Field in Orion Report Writer


      Hi Guys!


      I am really new to Solarwinds and I am trying to figure out how to write custom reports but I am running into a few problems and wanted to see if anyone can help!


      • In the Layout Builder section I do not see a "FROM" (duration) option for my reports in which I can choose the time frame for the data.  I have seen this option on some Solarwinds videos I watched but can't figure out how to add it??Screenshot.JPG
      • Second question is I can't find what Orion Object represents the system temperature, any idea under what category and object name this might be?   I don't see a Hardware Monitoring Orion Object, any ideas?


        • Re: Missing FROM/Duration Field in Orion Report Writer

          This really depends on what you are looking to get, but I think that I have something like what you are looking for.

          First option - you don't get the "From" in the Content Editor until you've selected a field with a related timestamp in the table.


          After you've added that, and submitted the change, then the "From" field becomes available.



          Second question - I'm pretty sure that the field you are looking for is under Node\Hardware Category\Hardware Sensor.


          Good luck!