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    What happened to Alert Central?


      What happened to Alert Central?


      I am planning on re-deploying my entire environment. Part of this was to implement a better alerting system. Something more robust and more flexible then the internal alerting manager in NPM. During planning the tool was still available then days before I was to start downloading the software in preparations the link disappeared.


      For SolarWinds this is a step backwards because the alerting solution in NPM is weak. And does not offer all the options available in Alert Central. Currently the alerting engine in NPM does not meet our needs for alerts. Does not offer flexibility and ability to be free to design an alerting infrastructure to help us.


      Has this software been removed? Will it be back or will there be another tool offered in it's place. I need robust alerting to expand our monitoring solution.


      Any ideas, thoughts, opinions, any input from the community would be great.