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    Asset Database Location & Integration to Orion


      Hi All,


      We are having an issue with setting and maintaining locations associated with assets in the WHD asset database.


      It appears that the relationship between an asset and a company is achieved in the WHD asset database via the Location value.  That is to say, Companies have Locations, and Locations have Assets; but there is no direct relationship (no direct field) in the WHD asset database between the Company and the Asset.


      We can set these values by hand to have each asset be associated with a Company and it works fine (i.e. we can search for assets in the asset database via their associated company), but...


      We have Orion NPM integrated with WHD.  This means that we have assets being probed by Orion/NPM and when an Orion/NPM SNMP Get Request is done to an asset the asset returns a value for Location (some defined value, or "unknown") which Orion then records in its asset database as being the location of the asset.  The integration between WHD and Orion is then overwriting the Location value for the asset in the WHD asset database and is breaking the relationship between the asset and its associated Company in the WHD asset database.


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can stop the Orion SNMP Get Request from updating the Location value in Orion, or stop the Orion-WHD integration from updating the WHD asset database Location value, or some other fix to stop Orion SNMP Get Requests from causing the WHD asset database Location value being changed?


      Thanks for your assistance with this, its greatly appreciated.