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    What are the right set of master tables while using query over REST API?




      We are trying to pull in data from Solarwinds into external reporting application where we will be bringing other set of monitoring data to have a 360 view dashboard for higher management.


      We are able to query using REST API but i could not figure out the right set of tables to start pulling out all details...

      Ideally we want to pull all targets monitored in Solarwinds and grab details around each target like cpu usage, temp%, memory, disk, etc. to construct our 360 view dashboard.


      So i was thinking there is a master or set of master tables which will act as the starting point to query a target and then child or related tables for each target to store additional attributes.


      Please excuse me if my questions sound silly, as i am working with Solarwinds only from the API development perspective and not well versed with Soloarwinds Application per se.